There’s a saying

When the time comes

“For every great person, there has to be an ending”

I hear you speaking

About what you see from the other side

I listen like there is no tomorrow

Because…there isn’t

You say,

“I can’t see anything, anymore”

Then your last breath is interrupted

With no following sound

There’s not even the warmth of your body

Just a departing frown

Turning upside down

And the screaming of echoes from my very own mouth

There’s no one to catch the crying while it flies around the room

If I can be here to hold your hand for another few days

It still doesn’t change the simple idea

That you are not coming back

No, you’re not coming back to us

I told you

Everything you did for us was worthwhile

But it didn’t much make difference

Because I could not stop what was coming

Still, with all the sacrifices you made

Just to keep us and others alive

I did always pay attention

But when you died

A little of all meaning stopped.

Now everyday



(Words by tylea copyright 29 July 2019)