New song EMERGENCY up!!

August 10, 2021

Image/illustration © tylea 2021


This is an emergency

I am echoing on every word that fades

And I try to follow your soul like wind on smoky days
I am carrying on without your sweet embrace
But life is difficult that way

I keep worrying on every stroke I make
And I feel I’m forgetting our time with every sea that’s changed
There’s a cost to being empty
I’m at a loss to leave here lonely

This is an emergency (help me now ‘cause I cannot breathe)
This is an emergency (help me now all I do is dream)
This is an emergency (help me)
This is a ….aaah

I keep carrying on, in every breathe I take
And I try to carry the load in every chord I play
But If I worry about all these growing shades
Life is difficult that way
Oh Yeah

This is an emergency (help me now ‘cause I cannot breathe)
This is an emergency (help me now all I do is dream)
This is an emergency (help me)
This is a….aaah Aaah, yeah! Oh yeah! oh yeah!! Oh yeaaahhhh! Oh yeahhh! Ohhh!

This is our emergency (help me now ‘cause I cannot breathe)
This is our emergency (help me now all I do is dream)
Help me now cause I cannot breathe
Help me now all I do is dream
Help me, help me!!

© tylea 2021

‘White Ash’ out Friday, April 16

April 16, 2021

Hey Folks,

Owing to a chronic health condition, it has become difficult to perform live. As a result, I am prioritising my energy towards creating music in the studio at home (and trying to stay productive).

So news is today I have released another song ‘White Ash’ –– my 3rd official independent single this year. ‘White Ash’ arose out of Lock Down last year. One morning, I dreamed of my father who had passed on shortly before. Dad hummed a melody to me in the dream. When I awoke, I kept the melody in my head and re-played it on the piano with only the word, “Mesopatamia’. Goo could see I was having trouble and penned the first lyric draft which became the basis of the chorus lyric and allowed me to finish the verses in the song. Here the result of our collaboration.

Thank you so much for listening and your continued support.

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White Ash out Friday, April 16

April 8, 2021

I will be releasing my 3rd single for 2021, ‘White Ash’ Friday, April 16.

The song was a collaboration with my better half, Magoo who could see I was struggling while penning….more on that later.

You can see the video I made for ‘White Ash’ on Youtube Friday, next week.

‘Right Angles’ releases Friday, March 5, 2021

February 26, 2021

Hey Folks,

“Right Angles’ is now up and available through Bandcamp and other digital platforms. I also have tried to make a video.

It was written in July late last year (post CO-VID lock down). I recorded it 3 to 4 times and this version is the one I finally settled upon. I wrote the song while adjusting to the reality of a chronic health condition and also sharing care for my Mother who was going through the fight of her life in hospital last year. 

The painful decision of ending my 25-year ‘live’ performing career in 2018 was essentially like not being able to breathe, but thankfully, I have had the encouragement of my immediate family to keep being creative in the studio and this is the result.

Having this opportunity to work in a focused way independently, has allowed me a chance to build my confidence in ‘growing an idea’…. admittedly my confidence has always been rather low….sadly, I have dived back down there again in the last few months and I am trying to get myself better.

So, I must have been inadvertently trying to cheer myself up with this song. ‘Right Angles’ is certainly more upbeat than my past attempts – in this instance, I am using soft synths, programmed drums, surf guitar, vocal effects with multiple layers, blah, blah. Stuff the angular folk or rock aficionados might cringe at upon giving it a listen. 

To be honest, I don’t know what to think of it myself, but I hope it expresses optimism and motivation and lifts your spirits.

Even as I write about how it I think this song sounds, I am reminded of something an old friend, (Jeffrey Lovejoy) would proclaim ‘with repeated glee’ while describing my overall sound.


Obviously, those words were a gentle dig in the framework of the late 90s, but they were also a very poignant observation (and pretty accurate in reflection). 

I don’t know if anyone will listen or if the rantings I make here are known, but if you find yourself in this digital space, I thank you for bridging the gap and meeting me halfway by clicking here. 

Tylea with a T