April 23, 2020

Why did I leave on a whim?

Strolling out on walking limbs

Nothing but a glimmer of hope

And dancing isotopes

With only scope

For downward slopes

I wish I could get rid of this hatred

And believe in something sacred


The only thing left I have is your image

I wish we were allowed to re-frame this visage

You are my forever wraith

And although I believed and had faith

I never thought

It would join me this late


The days of halcyon

Metallic and dynamic seem

Wrong now

While the silver


On the top of the river

Like a five cent piece that glimmers

When touched by daylight


I am in a coma

Looking at the chroma

Of a pufferfish in slumber

As water encumbers

I doze

Without clothes

In the throws

Of each and everything I oppose

And with each action

I leave a fraction

Of myself behind

Words by Tylea (copyright)




December 17, 2019

All we have are words mouthed to another

All we have are hands holding each other

All we have are kind deeds which ought to be done

All we have is hope

All we have is looking beyond

All we have are the ideas that come

All we have is love

All we have are finding ways to reach out

All we have is acceptance

All we have are our shortcomings

All we have are thoughts which shape our cortex

All we have





The Sea

September 12, 2019

The Sea

Yesterday, I swam
With the sea
And it took me
While the beach was empty

That is what comes
When you’re told
The singing in your heart
Can go no further
And there will always be someone better
And here the wave comes

Yesterday, I swam with the sea
And it took me
The beach was empty
The solitude corrected me
Loosening my muscles in the silent undertow
I didn’t know it
Until I was gone

Yesterday, I swam

Words by Tylea Copyright 2019

Some One

September 11, 2019

Some One

I miss the cigarette skating
About the corner of his mouth
He was the one I least expected
To offer me flowers

When I was young
And underweight
That was how
My humour was made

I assumed to never need the frames
All the while reviewing the words
Which are now obscure in all that has elapsed

Did you know someone?
Did you know someone?
He was someone to know

So I concede to myself
That having a belief in no one
Is like believing
That mourning will never return

Will the crying ever be done?
There will always be grieving
And he will always be someone

Did you know someone?
Did you know someone?
He was someone to know

Words and Music by Tylea Copyright 2016