I really hoping to scale down my merch situation this year and have put together two collective options for your possible enjoyment.

The packs will cost $15 to basically cover the postage within Australia.

Pack One
‘The Lake of Sand and Stone PACK’
*includes 5 items or more

1 x Vinyl LP
1 x T-shirt navy or white organic cotton (sizes limited)
1 x magnet or badge
1 x illustrated poster
1 x ‘Dark River’ Lyric tea towel
1 x download of ‘Graphic Touch’

‘The Lake of Sand and Stone’ was produced by Jamie Tresvaskis at Wild Mountain Sound and featured performances by: myself, Jamie Trevaskis, Dan McNaulty, Janey Mac, Scott Bromley, Chris Dale and Mia Goodwin.

All songs by tylea   

©  &  ℗  tylea


Pack Two
‘Tylea Historical Artefacts Pack’

*includes 5 items or more

1 x Bellowing Flower cassette (1994)

Recorded and mixed by Mick Borkowski, Vibrafeel Studios


1 x Tylea…with a T CD album (1997)

Recorded by Magoo at Airlock Mark 1 and Morrisey St, Woolloongabba


1 x ‘Tylea snd the Imaginary Music Score’ ep (2002)

Recorded and mixed at the Dead CockRoach by Magoo except ‘Chain Song’ which was recorded by Tylea


1 x ‘Colour your Insecurities’ double album disc booklet with 60 page booklet of Tylea drawings (2005)

Recorded by Magoo at the Dead Cockroach, Napier Place, South Melbourne. Except ‘Nervous’ which was written by Goold/Sigurdsson and REcorded by Valgeir Sigurdsson at Greenhouse Studios and Mt Macedon, Victoria.

1 x ‘Graphic Touch’ single (produced, recorded by Tylea, mixed by Magoo)

1 x Tylea Badge or magnet
1 x ‘Dark River’ Lyric Tea Towel
1 x download of ‘Life to Grow’

© by Tylea & ℗ by Mushroom Music (except ‘Graphic Touch’ ℗ by Tylea)


There are limited numbers in shirts and some albums. Feel free to email me if you need some ideas of stock numbers.