Why did I leave on a whim?

Strolling out on walking limbs

Nothing but a glimmer of hope

And dancing isotopes

With only scope

For downward slopes

I wish I could get rid of this hatred

And believe in something sacred


The only thing left I have is your image

I wish we were allowed to re-frame this visage

You are my forever wraith

And although I believed and had faith

I never thought

It would join me this late


The days of halcyon

Metallic and dynamic seem

Wrong now

While the silver


On the top of the river

Like a five cent piece that glimmers

When touched by daylight


I am in a coma

Looking at the chroma

Of a pufferfish in slumber

As water encumbers

I doze

Without clothes

In the throws

Of each and everything I oppose

And with each action

I leave a fraction

Of myself behind

Words by Tylea (copyright)